October 11, 2015

We've Been Booed!

As Halloween approaches, I always enjoy spreading some holiday cheer--from the decorating the house, going to endless pumpkin patches in search of the perfect pumpkin, enjoying the cool weather (which us Californians have not had the luxury of experiencing!), and all things fall!  This year a new tradition will be starting in our household all thanks to a very crafty and considerate friend...we've been BOOED!!! The rules are simple, make a little "We've been BOOED!" sign, a treat basket, and a little note explaining the rules of the game of spreading Halloween Cheer--enjoy the treats, make two more signs and notes, create two little treat baskets and secretly deliver your 'boos' to your friends/neighbors!
It is so much fun!  My little one loves dropping off the package that he helped me make, and running to the front door or our 'boo recipient' to ring the bell and run!  If you haven't been 'booed' yet, you may want to considering starting the 'boo' tradition in your neighborhood!!  Happy Haunting!!


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