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The Modern Girl: This is my way of expressing personal style at work, home, and everywhere in between. And this wouldn't be a personal style diary unless I shared some fun outfits, adventures, and recipes along the way.  If this blog were true to it's name it would be the traditional-modern girl's guide-but that doesn't have a nice ring to the name!  Here's what you need to know about me:

Name: Candice

Location: Inland Empire, California

Work Life: Chemistry Teacher at High School

About Me: Goal-oriented, career-driven, fashion-minded, love home decor, type A, wife to my high school sweetheart, closet shopoholic, love cleaning, cooking, baking, and organizing.  I am a Pinterest fanatic but can't "create" an art project to save my life-I am working on that though!  Pinterest has me convinced that I can do anything!  

For those who know me, they will quickly come to realize that I am not hip, cool, trendy, or flashy.  I am in all aspects of my life, reliable, traditional, and somewhat contemporary.  My greatest inspiration for fashion have been my three sisters (one by marriage).  Each of them has a totally unique style, and yet it works for their personalities and who they are.  Their confidence in their style has allowed me to become more comfortable in my own style, and manifest it into a blog about ideas on how to spruce up your place and self!  Below is a quick bio about each of my sisters and their interesting and unique styles.

My sister-in-law is ultra trendy.  She is always into the latest and greatest fashions, and to be quite honest, is often a trendsetter herself.  She always looks so put together and fashionable, and her house is a direct reflection of her.  It is ultra modern and trendy, with grey walls, dark wood floors, a charcoal couch, white leather dining chairs, and hints of lime green and lemon yellow.  It is the perfect blend between modern, masculine, and comfy.  She also has a blog where she has seamlessly managed to blend her love for crafting, fashion, and weddings into a really fun blog!  Check her out at www.hellocupcakellc.com

My middle sister is one to have a nautical/rustic influence in both her wardrobe and her home.  She loves stripes, ruffles and bows in her clothing, and enjoys decorating her home with a nod to Lake Tahoe.  Her style is feminine, yet casual and comfortable.  Her house is accented with light tile flooring, dark wood accents, and sepia style photographs of some of her favorite spots in Tahoe.  It is rustic, yet modern, and feels like a home, filled with warmth, laughter, and good times.

My youngest sister is a total hipster, even though she doesn't consider herself that!  She has a panache for the eclectic, vintage, and eccentric and somehow it all flows together in this bohemian, shabby-chic, romantic kind of a way that usually reminds me of a Ralph Lauren Romance perfume advertisement.  She does her best shopping at local thrift stores, and just knows how to take a combination of fabrics, patterns, and colors and block them together to make something completely unique and effortless.  I just know that her dorm room is going to be a direct reflection of who she is and her completely unique and creative style.

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