Wood Plank Walls
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Life has been quite chaotic over here as we decided to purchase a new home... and remodel every nook and cranny of the space.  I will be posting pics of before and afters and discuss the many lessons that we learned in the near future, but today I wanted to discuss some easy alternatives to creating a wood plank wall.

Using wood in design is very popular today because it adds an element of rustic and traditional to a home, and wood is a great durable product to use.  However, if you do not have the appropriate tools, or necessary skills to cut wood and manipulate it like you would like to, your quick weekend warrior project may turn into a nightmare.

When creating focal walls in your home, using wood or laminate is a great option. However, I have come to learn that although the outcome is perfect, the amount of work, measuring, cuts, and even tools is more than I ever anticipated.  In looking at how to accomplish this same look, but at a lower budget, lower skill set, and more DIY friendly.  So here are the options....

First Option
Use old pallets to construct your focal wall.  This is very cost effective as you can often get pallets for free or even less than $5.00 (if interested, contact me and I can give you the info to some of my favorite places).  However, you will need the right tools so that you can make the necessary cuts around doors, framing, scones, electrical outlets, etc.

Second Option
Use laminate.  This is a very nice option because you are able to slide and click your boards together, they require very little work to get to fit together due to the tongue and groove nature of the planks, and you have a variety of options in regards to the look that you are going after.  However, you will still need a saw and a drill to make the necessary cuts around various obstacles in the space.

Third Option
Use "peel and stick" vinyl wood planks.  This may be the best option if you do not have the necessary tools (or patience)!  All you need is an exacto knife.  The planks fit easily together like laminate tile, and there is adhesive in each of the tongues and grooves to allow the pieces to fit snugly together.  When you are having to work around various obstacles you can actually just place your plank where you want it to go and then cut around it to make everything fit.  Using this option will still give you a great look, you still have a ton of choices in regards to color and texture of the planks.

If you are thinking about undergoing a DIY, I hope these options help you out!! happy DIYing!

Goodbye 2012, Hello Cupcake!
Are you planning to host your own NYE party this year?  Still considering what decor you should use, or if you are feeling adventurous, what to make?  Check out my sil's blog, she has stencils that will send you on your way to throwing a fab party-and she is quite stylish and gorg to top it all off!  Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderful and safe NYE!
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
The latest adventures that our family has embarked upon has been preparing for Santa's arrival!  This year started with "Elifie," our scout elf, arriving from the North Pole on November 26.  We have watched the movie, read the book, and have enjoyed seeing where Elfie appears every morning.  This has been such fun!  However, with all of this preparation for S.C., and my son becoming moe well aware of his surroundings, I have found that I need to streamline my system a bit.  This year, I produced a word document with an image AND the big guy's signature that will be used for years to come!  I am also making gift tags signed by S.C. himself.  I know, some of you think I am going overboard, but I LOVE seeing how excited my son gets over Santa, and I want to preserve this for as long as possible (which means I don't want him to realize that S.C.'s handwriting is awfully similar to mommy or daddy's-just covering me bases!)  Feel free to use my template if you wish!  Happy Holidays!

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