October 18, 2015

Skin Care

It all started one October afternoon last year.  I was in the self checkout line in our local Home Depot and looked up at the security camera and saw the most haggard looking image staring back at me.  I was appalled!!! The person that I saw in that image looked ten years older and grumpy.  So... the hunt began, my vanity got the best of me.  Should I get Botox? Is there really a miracle cream out there that will rid me of my old, tired looking skin? How do I fix this?!!?

After a ton of research, I have finally discovered what I have found to provide me with the best results, hopefully the same results will occur for you!
Advanced Dermatology products are by far the best.  The package comes with a 90 day supply of a cleanser, two night creams and two day creams (you use the creams in conjunction with one another).    You pay for the product monthly, which is a little spendy, but the results are guaranteed and the company will give you a full refund if you are not satisified.  I honestly feel that my skin looks and feels a lot better since starting to use the product.  If you are interested in trying it out just go to www.advanceddermatology.com.
In addition to using Advanced Dermatology I have started to use the Clarsonic face brush.  I was my face with mild soap, followed by a facial scrub, use Clarsonic, and follow up with the Advanced Dermatology cleanser.  I will warn you, during the first couple of weeks of using the Clarsonic, your face may break out.  Mine definitely did, but it's normal because all of the impurities that are deep within your skin are coming to the surface.  Don't worry, it's only temporary and once your skin adjusts you will see and feel great results.
Overall, I have learned that the older that I get, the more care I need to give to my skin.  I think that I have found a great system for keeping my face looking as young as possible....I even got carded at a local restaurant this past weekend!  That hasn't happened in a looooooonnnnnggggg time!!


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