March 5, 2014

An Amazing Product for the Littles

I am always looking for new products out there that are both fun and educational for my little guy-especially since Kindergarten is right around the corner.  When my good friend told me about Kiwi Crate, I was enthusiastic about such a great product and immediately signed up for a membership.  Kiwi Crate focuses on engaging activities that are well-balanced-focusing on geography, science and math.  In addition the activities are centered around creativity which allows little one's imagination and creativity to flourish-all at the same time they are learning something neat!
Each 'crate' comes with everything that you need from scissors and markers to the materials needed for the activity.  I signed up for the monthly subscription and am looking forward to my first shipment.  I am so excited to get T's imagination flowing and help him learn at the sam time!

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