December 28, 2013

Adventures in Chino and Ontario

With this uncharacteristically warm winter weather, it is hard not to enjoy all things outdoors and exploratory.  We had my father-in-law come into town and wanted to show him a fun time, so we planned a great day in Chino and Ontario.  This is definitely an all day event, so you can easily break this up into a few adventures if you would rather.  We started off our morning at this great little mom and pop breakfast place down by Chino Airport called Flo's Airport Coffee Shop.  If you enjoy biscuits and gravy, this is the place for them.  They have great omelets, pancakes, and fantastics pies and cobblers to boot, so come hungry!
Following our mammoth meal, we went down the road to the Planes of Fame Museum where we got lost in the history of the planes and artifacts in this working museum, T was in absolute Heaven.  We spent hours just wandering around, looking at the planes, playing in the interactive room, and speaking with old pilots.
After we finished with the museum, just up the road is a really great educational farm called Amy's Farm where you can see animals in action, pet them, speak to the farmers about the animals, and buy produce that comes straight from the farm.  Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the farm today since they are closed for the holiday season.

Since we were in the area, we stopped by Hottinger's Meat Shop to pick up dinner.  The have the most amazing selection of beef, chicken, pork, and so many other meats.  We got the Santa Maria Tri Tip, our absolute favorite.  Naturally, we had to stop by the side of the road and pet some cows since we were in Chino and there are more cows than people.
Our final stop was to Logan's Candy Shop in Downtown Ontario where T got to watch candy canes be made for the very first time, and made his very own!  We had such a fantastic day, and all we did was drive down Euclid to get to all of these little gems.  I know we will be frequenting each of these places more often.

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