November 24, 2013

Making Your Elf Poseable

Hello all! I have been going nuts looking on Pinterest lately and noticing all of these elves being able to bend and pose in all kinds of great positions.  Mine is (Or shall I say was) not like that. When Elfie came to us, his limbs were filled with fluff, which makes him cute, but not poseable, so our elf underwent surgery to become more "elf like."

Wire (I used 18 gauge copper wire that I bought from Home Depot)
Seam ripper
Red thread
White thread
Needle nose pliers 

Gather all materials 
Tear one to two stitches from bottom of elf feet and one to two stitches from elf hands.
Measure a piece of wire about the length of each arm/leg; cut it and fold each end over to prevent the rough end of the wire from poking through the elf's fabric.
Insert the piece of wire into the extremity where you made the incision, repeat until done.
Sew your little elf back up, he/she is good as new and can now be posed!!

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